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Grab Our limited edition Black Bracelet for Free

We want to send you a Our limited edition Black Bracelet !

All you have to do is take a minute and film a very short video of yourself, reviewing one of our product.

It's quick and easy. The whole thing takes about five minute, and then we'll rush you a Our limited edition Black Bracelet for Free. But you have to film this video soon.

This is a limited time offer and we have only 50 Black bracelets to gift.

Here's how to claim your Free Black Bracelet

  • Step1 :- Grab a smartphone that can record a video
  • Step 2:- Record your video review ! Make sure your face and our my resolve product is visible.
  • Step 3 :- Tell us why you love our My Resolve product, and what you thought of your shopping experience (important you must mention the product and shopping experience)
  • Step4 :- Email your video to with the subject line My Resolve video review at support@myresolve.in

Important :- the video must be 20-60 seconds long and mention "MY Resolve" by name.

Helpful hints :- We suggest having a friend or a family member shoot your video for you so its easier. Also, your video will look best if you (or your friend) holds the camera horizontally and have proper lighting.

Along with the video, email us the word that you want to engrave on your black bracelet.

Also keep in mind : If we love your video, we'll post in on our website. So please don't submit anything you don't want our readers to see!

We can't wait to see your video :)